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Letter from the Staff Our Airlines
Dear visitor,


We would like to welcome you to our virtual airline, The SN Virtual Airlines Group. We have three member airlines, the former Sabena Airlines, the Brussels Airlines and European Air Transport. For each airline we received official permission of the real airline.


What we can tell about the airline, our mean goal is simple. The pilot must enjoy our airline. To make this possible we developed a great program, called HomeFLY. This program automatically records your flights so you don't need to worry about flight time, flown distance or fuel burned.


Our second, not less important, goal is realism. We think that every pilot of us should act as realistic as possible.



The SN Virtual Airlines Group Staff

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Brussels Airlines Virtual

Sabena Virtual Airlines

Eurotrans VA

  Our Flight Academy

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Virtual Academy

Why would you join us?

Well, we can give you several reasons:

  • Registration is FREE of charge

  • We are the ONLY Sabena VA with official permission of the former Sabena

  • We are the ONLY Brussels Airlines Virtual with official permission of the real Brussels Airlines.

  • With us, you don't need to worry about the time, distance you've flown or the fuel you burned, our special tool, HomeFLY, records it for you!

  • We support offline and online flying.

  • You can bring the hours of another virtual airline with you.

  • We offer printable certificates of each rank you achieve.

  • We are a full member of the IVAO network which offer great online events.

  • Finally we offer you real life events, for example: airport visits, a LAN Party,...

Still not convinced?

Well, we can recommend you to browse our website, you'll see how professional we act.



When you've got questions, you can either , post a message at our "Non Members" Forum.

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